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Christina Fulton

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The Juicy story

Remember the line in the movie, Iron Man when Tony Stark is asked by Captain America, “So who are you really?” In this case, with Christina, she is, Entrepreneur, Mother, Actress, recording artist, public figure, Inventor, Athlete, Expert, culture hacker, Philanthropist, a modern day super hero.

“She disrupts and inspires you to be IRON MAN.”

The Entrepreneur

Christina Fulton is a Serial Entrepreneur; she contributes to, reads and understands pop-culture. Christina keenly understands the Gen Z, Millennial and baby boomers social priorities. Her wants and desires are in line with what is out in the world today. Christina is launching a disruptive celebrity anti-aging skincare line in 2019, IMMORTAL BEAUTY, partnered with CEO Iki Sakakura, a 35 year beauty titian behind the biggest skincare companies in the world, such as Shiseido, Love Renaissance to name a few. Together, they are launching cutting edge nano-technology anti-aging products. This is only one of her many tangible businesses that are under development to answer the desires of this $300 billion market just in skincare.

The Disruptor

As an app developer, Christina has built from scratch applications both for her company and others that she consults. These are apps that are needed in the digital space today. She is a developer, brander, full stack strategist, Inventor of compounds, and has a great understanding of how all this works in the many eco-systems globally. Christina has managed, launched multiple product lines, but is multi-talented in a variety of disciplines. I want you to know about, not only in the entertainment, music, art, fashion, media, beauty, health- fitness, technology, but as her father is an American Scientist, and her brothers are Engineers, Entrepreneur and she herself is a savvy technologist, app developer, a culture hacker and compounder, she understands product development, the front and middle and backend of business. Her ability to develop compounds, products, technology with an understanding to the chemical bond and technical level. Christina is working and strategizing with experts globally and gaining their respect.

The Worker

In addition to being a screen actress working with Hollywood giants, Oliver Stone, Brian De Palma, Francis Ford Coppola she graced the silver screen with 16 films, written and created host TV/Talk show called Playing It Forward, highlighting biggest brightest philanthropist in the world with 58 episodes on TradioV (see link below). She became the founder and president of The Single Mom, Help Stop The Bully foundations. As a designer they created Fulcage family clothing line. In 2006 she was crowned Ambassador to The Casa Theresa (women’s homeless shelter in Southern California), she and her family have been giving back raising awareness for the City of Hope, Hats Off To Cancer, Haven Hills and Safe Passages. In education of Antibullying, Christina developed a behavior program for the classroom; partnered with MMA/UFC champions, created a self–defense movement to be implemented in schools PE curriculum. The NYFA and her team created a PSA for children being bullied at school and on social media. She has been recognized by the Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, City Of Los Angeles, U.S. House Of Representatives, Los Angeles Sheriff Department and honored her with a press conference at the SLS hotel.


Recently, she dropped her first album NOT BROKEN with Hitman Records/Universal Canada, and touring next year with the Shine tour. Performing on and opening up for Lupe Fiasco, Rock Mafia, Cobra Starship, featuring her single on MTV’s, Jersey Shore, House Of Blues.


Christina’s extensive athletic background has leveraged her massive career as a fitness expert, coach, motivational speaker, modeling, influencer, spokesperson, creator and designer of products. Christina is mastermind, experienced consultant, launching businesses, products, obtaining finance for other inventors. She is a market disrupter in her own right. She has launched the careers of A- list actors, musicians, directors, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Christina has an extensive background in special events, red carpet and marketing activations. Christina is currently developing an exclusive NETFLIX movie series, true story about Chicago called The Red Summer. Earlier in Christina career, she single handedly filmed a documentary called, “When Giants Collide,” a film by Fulton, pulls its audience into the world of the overlooked, underestimated, and misunderstood sport of wrestling. The film follows the plight of one school’s wrestling program, on the brink of extinction, and how they pulled together as individuals, a team and a community to collectively put the sport back on the map. Fulton artistically captures the essence of the sport, conveying the soul and determination behind the sweat and muscle of these young warriors. Christina is about speed, the hustle, research, attention to detail, and delivering a tangible business.

Playing It Forward


Christina the athlete is in high demand, highly yelp, (see link below) as a fitness goddess she is saving lives every single day, she stands on a stage in front of hundreds of faithful people vying for her silver bullet to staying younger, smarter, stronger. Christina’s elixir is becoming the new religion in LA, her audience is calling their experience The Church OF Spin. For over a decade she has worked with top doctors, Scientist, Maddog Athletics researching, inventing and designing an untouched space in fitness. Currently, Crunch Fitness is collaborating with her in Q3 with her breakthrough revolutionary fitness equipment and exclusive celebrity equipment.

Yelp Reviews

Hollywood Legacy

You are no doubt aware of her family, Hollywood’s Royal families, the Coppola’s, and then of course her relationship with Nicolas Cage. Christina is a Princess Diana of sorts, having been the spokeswoman and ambassador for so many charitable works, having raise millions of dollars for worth-while organizations. She has traveled the world with Nicolas, managing their family, companies, conducting media campaigns, and of course as an actress in over a dozen films, having had to turn down a variety of roles so she could best tend to her son and families needs. Christina even in her own right coming from a family of highly accomplished people, her connections and relational equity positions allow her to continue her success in this product offering. Christina is able to do so much of this in her sleep, and is years ahead of the market in her ideation understanding of culture. Her next strategy is aligning herself with other like mind tycoons in her realm. She is unstoppable and wants to help and better the world.

The Why

Due to the multiple family challenges, she was force to put her mind to becoming a subject matter expert in the field of a spectrum of medical issues which required her to put her career early on hold. Christina, actually learned the medical science, holistic, Western and Eastern medicines, therapeutic value of treatments ranging in a multitude of areas. Needing to fully understanding the medical options, Christina, being a full time mother working with a variety of professionals, she became a student physician, working alongside the top doctors, holistic masters in their field, all in an effort to provide a wealth of information and knowledge for her and her family. Christina also has helped with so many causes and issues globally, she has single-handedly saved a young child dying of a rare cancer. Her relentless desire to learn and execute solutions have garnered her news-worthy attention. She hopes to continue further helping people around the world, outrun all diseases and medical challenges. As a mini doctor, she educated herself, reading insatiably, participating in medical symposiums with the biggest and the brightest Doctors in the world.

The Secret Syrup

Her son’s greatest fear as a boy was that his mother would get sick, or die, or get old, so guess what… she never got sick, has not died, and is not getting old! Thanks Weston. As a result is developing longevity through years of knowledge she has become the truth oracle in anti-aging movement. Christina aims to offer the preventative in a realm she calls, Skin-fitness.

Skin-Fitness is a disruptor in the normal way you have been taught in skincare. Fulton and Immortal Beauty will slow down the aging process and teach us how to stay young longer- and out-run death.

The VIP’s

She has developed and maintained substantial relational equity with high net worth individuals in high profile people, business, politics, the media, world leaders and remains highly connected with this community. All while maintaining her responsibilities as a mother, business woman, and popular personality. She has created tremendous relationships with sponsors, CEO, Celebrities and brands such as GIECO, STARBUCKS, FIJI, REDBULL, Vodka, SBE, SLS to name a few.

The Partnerships

Christina Fulton has partnered with, Iki Sakakura, Gary Vaynerchuk at Vaynermedia, Madogg, Crunch, Hitman Records.

The #ootd

In July of 2005 designer Christina Fulton and her son, Weston Coppola Cage, built a grass-roots foundation and clothing line dedicated to the cause of single mothers. Fulton infuses the Fulcage clothing line with originality that is on the cutting edge of fashion. Her original designs are hand-cut, hand-sewn, and made in America. Her line consists of something for everyone: from men and women to babies— and even dogs. With everything from T-shirts to hoodies, Fulcage clothing features fun and unique designs with bold and original artwork. But the Fulcage line is more than just a trend, it is a movement: clothing with a cause. Fulcage is a charitable organization that gives back to the community. The proceeds from its clothing line go directly to single mothers, contributing to the housing, education, and careers of courageous parents comprising a significant portion of our population. Finally, a clothing line that is both trendy and innovative: clothing with a conscience— a green business fully dedicated to looking ahead and to always giving back.


Christina built a school within a school where she actually re-invented an educational process whereby he could excel in his studies, and will be releasing a self-help parenting book.

Uncaged- a true story

Interior Designer

Christina Fulton traveling the world with her family learning, researching, gathering multi culture designs, this inspired a thriving interior design business that lead to other clients, celebrities wanting her golden touch. She designed actor Jim Carrey’s home, Producer of Batman, Superman’s, Jon Peters home, Historic home in Pasadena to name a few before landing herself on “The Fine Living Network”. Teaching the experts how to design and sell a home in color against the normal just white wall routine.